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Business Ideas for Online/ Internet Business

Author: Lata Tokhi

Almost everyone around you seems to be making money working online. Why shouldn't you? For those who do not where to start, here's a summary of the choices available. Choose the one that appeals to you most.

Sell your current product or service online

If you already sell a product or service online, you can take your existing business online by building a website and selling your products online. You will be able to reach out to a larger number of people with less than half the costs you incur on your existing offline business. You can also have your own affiliate program which your visitors and other interested persons may join and sell your products for a commission.


If you do not have your own product to sell, you can always resell from an existing online seller or join affiliate programs. Most online sellers have affiliate programs and you can sell/recommend their products for a commission.

Home Party Plan Businesses

You can join one of the direct sales businesses as a consultant or representative and make money selling their products and recruiting new reps. You can choose from a wide range of such businesses depending upon your choice and interests.

Sell Electronic or Info-products

If you do not currently sell a product and would like to sell your own products, you can easily go in for electronic products like ebooks, software etc. You can either choose to write an ebook yourself or get it written professionally.

Sell Advertising on Content/Informative Websites

Create a content-rich, informative website on a subject in which you are interested in, and have a certain level of expertise. Internet users are always looking for free information on different subjects. Once you start receiving traffic on your website, you can sell banner and text ads on your website or run dynamic pay-per-click ads like Google Adsense on your pages.

Provide Web Services

You can build a successful online business providing services to other online businessmen and women by providing essential web services such as website design, graphic design, website development, website hosting, copywriting services, virtual assistant services, online advertising agency etc.

Build an Online Community/Membership Site

Online communities are groups of people with similar ideas and/or interests. You can bring them together by giving them a place on the internet to interact with each other. You can also charge a membership fee for providing access to certain resources available exclusively on your website.

Take Up Freelance Projects

There are a lot of websites that act as 'marketplaces' for freelance and contracted work. You can bid on projects placed by buyers and provide your services in various fields like writing, designing, online marketing etc.

Sell at Online Auctions

Selling products at Online auctions has grown considerably over the past few years. You can sell your new or used products on websites like eBay and make some extra money for yourself. If pursued seriously, you can evolve this into a full-time business with great returns.

A 'little Bit of Everything' Website

You can always 'mix-and-match' the above ideas and make a unique money-making internet business for yourself. You can build a content-rich website on a theme, sell affiliate or resell products on the same theme, sell the same products on online auctions as well and have an online community of people interested in the theme of your website.

Buy an Existing Online Business

Instead of doing everything from scratch, you can buy an already established internet business.

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